Helpful Guide on How to Accurately Measure and Fit a New Treadmill Deck

How to Remove a Treadmill Deck

  1. Remove both end caps by locating and removing all necessary bolts and/or screws.
  2. Remove the motor cover by unscrewing all locating screws.
  3. Remove the 2 side rails by locating and removing all necessary bolts and/or screws.
  4. Unscrew all bolts that secure the deck to the frame.
  5. The treadmill deck will now slide out sideways without needing to remove the running belt.
Please keep the old original treadmill deck as you will need to measure it and use it as a template to help fit the new treadmill deck.

How to Accurately Measure a Treadmill Deck

To order the correct size replacement treadmill deck, you will need to accurately measure the length and width of your old damaged deck on its longest sides.

How to Install a New Treadmill Deck

You will need to use the original deck as a template to drill holes and make any additional small inset cuts to the new deck to ensure everything lines up exactly with your machines mounting points. This is because we have seen even with the same makes and models, slight differences due to different years/country of manufacture.
Installation of the new treadmill deck is a reversal of the removal steps above.


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